Botanical-Dyed Silk Scrunchie

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Silk protects the hair by cutting down on friction and tension that's associated with traditional elastic hair ties with its smooth, slippery texture. Silk scrunchies are gentle to use on dry, damaged, and weak hair to reduce breakage. Plus, they don't create ridges in your hair after you remove them. 

These gorgeous colors are botanically dyed with fruits, roots and leaves all found in nature. Silk is a 100% biodegradable renewable resource and uses less water, chemicals and energy than most fibers.  

Colors clockwise from top right: Fiery Opal, Sunset Tie Dye, Nottingham Green, Fresno, Port and Golden Hour

A note on the beauty of imperfections :

Our unique hand-made, botanical-dyed silk scrunchies are like fingerprints — no two are the same! Dye lot variation is a natural part of the botanical-dye process. Each hand-dyed piece has unique marks – these are not stains!! This a natural byproduct of the dye process and considered a part of the intended aesthetic.