Why we need preservatives..

We aim to keep things simple, however some of our formulas are a bit more complex and require more ingredients, some with names that you might not recognize. But this doesn't make them bad!

Simply put, there are two main types of ingredients that we formulate with: active ingredients and functional ingredients (although some of our ingredients are functional actives). Active ingredients have direct benefits to your skin. Functional ingredients, like preservatives have direct benefits to the formula. In the case of preservatives, that is to kill harmful bacteria, keep them safe and consistent.

People tend to think of preservatives negatively, thanks to associations with parabens and formaldehyde and other harsh or toxic chemicals. However, there are actually tons of gentle preservatives out there; naturally-derived ones that are easy on the skin but still able to actively kill bacteria and prevent its growth. 

Preservatives are almost always necessary to ensure the safety of formulas that contain water. This is because water in formulas allows for bacterial growth, mold, mildew, fungi, and the like, which we certainly don’t want. 

If you see an ingredient you're unsure of, we encourage you to ask - what is it and what purpose does it serve?