Why waterless.

When it comes to beauty products, 'aqua' is normally first in many ingredient listings; it’s the cheapest of all ingredients so formulas can be made less expensively by increasing the water content, thus adding volume. This leaves less room for the active ingredients that really make a difference to your skin.

Some 1.1 billion people worldwide lack access to water, and a further 2.7 billion find it scarce for at least one month of the year. Add to that the disappearance of many of the world’s wetlands, the drying up of many rivers and lakes, and climate change altering patterns of weather and water, and disturbingly, at the current consumption rate, two-thirds of the world's population may face water shortages by 2025.

Kindsol is dedicated to using only waterless formulas to combat the global water crises while effectively offering products with a much higher concentration of active ingredients.